Welcome to the host site of EMtalk, a spontaneous unaffiliated podcast!

We talk about all things emergency management every other Wednesday.  Subscribe on iTunes for the latest episodes and remember to connect with us on Twitter @EMtalkcast and use #EMtalk to share with us your thoughts, suggestions and topic submissions.  What you heard in the first episode is true…we do send out autographed pictures for submissions.

Please feel free to also share your feedback below!  Sharing is caring, you know.

Thanks for listening!

Tanya & Keith
@tjlasagna & @keithdowler
about.me/tjlasagna & about.me/keithdowler

Thanks to Dan-O at http://danosongs.com for the amazing intro/outro clip you enjoyed on today’s Podcast!

  1. Great radio voices guys!

  2. You worked in a new word catchatstrophe and “jazz hands” -way to go.

  3. Can you talk about recruitment and retention of volunteers using social media 🙂 I am trying to incorporate this into a new presentation for NM volunteers. Thanks!

    • Hey Ashley! That is a *great* topic! We have some volunteer specific posts planned for April since it’s volunteer appreciation month and expect this topic to come up often. Stay tuned!

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